Dec 9 - Change of Location

We're chasing the snow! I checked with the Peter Lougheed Visitor Centre yesterday and it turns out there's no snow in that or the Pocaterra warming hut areas. Instead of cancelling the lesson, the Executive chose to try something new and change the location to West Bragg Creek. 

This area has been recently upgraded and, most importantly, has snow. Plus, the weather looks great. So, let's take advantage of some great early season conditions and sunny skies (currently forecasted) and try a new location. 

West Bragg Creek doesn't have a warming hut, so make sure to bring layers and hand and feet warmers (those things are game-changers). You can find more information about the location on the West Bragg Creek trail map web page

It's about a 45min drive from Calgary's west side (or Winsport, if you need a landmark). 

The lesson will still go from 10 a.m. to noon. 

See you there!