Happy 2018, and all the snow that came with it!

With January upon us, we’re back on our skis and this time with lots of snow. January will be a great month with lots of different ski locations. Make sure to check our EVENTS CALENDAR web page to keep track on where we’ll be skiing on each Sunday.  

Also, every year our club makes an effort to participate in the Lake Louise Loppet. This year, it’s on Sunday, March 4. We’ll be sending out reminder emails to the club on hotel booking, family ski tour, and club dinner details. Whether you come out for the Friday and Saturday night, or just the Saturday night, it’s a great opportunity to get to the mountains for a weekend vacation, while experiencing one of Canada’s oldest running Loppets, in one of the most popular (and beautiful?) international vacation destinations. 

See you on the trails!

Any questions? Please email us at bwjackrabbits@gmail.com.