Annual AGM

This year, the club executive is hosting the Bow Waters AGM on Sunday, April 30, from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Westgate Community Hall (4943 8 Avenue S.W.). It's an opportunity for the club members to convene in a more formal manner to debrief the season that was, lessons-learned, fill in roles that may need filling for next season, and hear feedback/suggestions from club members on items we should consider for next year. 

Oh, and we need to go over the budget, too. With that, if there are any accountants in the club, who wouldn't mind volunteering their time and accountant-brains to review and approve the budget before we send it in to Service Alberta this year, let me know. 

We'll also be premiering our annual club slideshow (directed, shot, and produced by Stephen Sauder; starring YOU) and handing out your children's report card posters. Kids are welcome and encouraged. It's always great to see everyone and fun for the kids to see the year-end video. There's a playground outside, where we'll have a parent or two hanging with the kids.   

Its'a pot luck!

It's a potluck lunch, family affair, so when you confirm your attendance (email, let me know what dish you'll be bringing so I can keep track. If it starts to look like we're only having Superstore-salads-in-a-bag for lunch, I'll just reply to you and let you know we have enough Superstore-salads-in-a-bag. Also, for those surplus cookie medals from Sports Day, if you froze them, bring them. We'll eat them. 

I'll send out an email the week leading up to the event with the minutes from last year's AGM, plus an agenda for this year's meeting.