FAMILY SKI TOUR on Saturday, March 1 is


The forecast is for a HIGH of -23°C (feels like -27°C) , even for Ian this is too cold.  We can't seem to catch a break.  The Sunday forecast is looking a little better at -19°C.  Ian will be bringing toe and hand warmers, if you don't have any.  See you at the dinner on Saturday evening!


A fun ski down from Lake Louise to the Hostel.  Everyone can do it and there are no hard uphills. 

Meet Ian and Sarah at the Chateau Lake Louise parking lot at 2:00pm (NOT the down hill ski resort area) and ski down to the hostel in time for dinner.  
It is a nice 5 km downhill and some people (i.e. Dads) can shuttle back up the hill to pick up the cars.

Here is the description:
Tramline: 4.8 km one way, 195 m elevation downhill (map)
Double trackset
This trail runs from Lake Louise to the valley bottom at a steady 3% decline, following the old grade of the tramline that once connected the train station and the Chateau Lake Louise.